About Heller House

At Heller House, we believe that investing is best accomplished by carefully analyzing the fundamental financial attributes of assets. We estimate a range of intrinsic values underpinned by asset values and free cash flows, and only invest if we can buy at a significant discount to those estimates.

Our flexible approach allows us to participate in domestic and foreign markets, and source securities from a diverse range of asset classes. We are not beholden to any sector or exposure mandate and are willing to hold cash if we cannot find investments meeting our strict valuation and qualitative criteria.

One of our favorite types of investments are businesses that have a sustainable competitive advantage stemming from market position, branded products, high switching costs or network effects. When we can find these at attractive prices and growth prospects, they provide one of the best sources of long-term capital appreciation. We also focus on investments for which we can identify hard catalysts such as balance sheet restructurings, liquidations or other corporate events.

Heller House’s competitive edge stems from two primary factors. First, we are willing to commit time and resources to understand complex or obscure situations which may fall outside the mandate of more traditional institutional investors. Second, our behavioral inclination is to avoid investing fads and momentum, and we are not bothered by labels or preconceptions that may preclude other investment managers from investigating less popular sectors of the market. While we worry about how macroeconomic factors may impact our portfolio, we believe our edge is in analyzing the microeconomics of each of our holdings.

Marcelo P. Lima is the managing member of Heller House. Prior to founding Heller House, Mr. Lima worked in several industries such as technology and consumer products. More recently, he led the acquisition and financing of commercial and residential real estate, and was an analyst at New York based hedge fund T2 Partners. Mr. Lima graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.